Alison Garwood Jones

A cure for homesickness

July 30, 2019

I got homesick at university. This is me on the left with my good friend, Kelly.

Alison Garwood-Jones and Kelly McKinley

Every time I went home, I would pinch something — a blanket, a framed photo, one of my dad’s sweatshirts, even a favourite soup spoon — and take it back to my dorm room. Technically-speaking, I was a thief as my brother Richard, now a lawyer, pointed out.

When a client asked me to draw their family home and put it on a throw pillow for her kids, who are heading back to university in September, it got me thinking about remedies for homesickness.

Seeing my own family home in photos still has a calming effect on me, even though I haven’t lived there for two decades.

Looking back, I would have loved these reminders of family:

• A pillow showing the family home for those melancholy Sunday nights before my first 8:30 class.

I draw custom pillows of your home by Alison Garwood-Jones

• A reminder of home on my laptop during midterms.

Put your family home on a laptop skin by Alison Garwood-Jones

• A shot of home on my phone reminding me to call mom.

Put your family home on a your phone cover by Alison Garwood-Jones

• A tote for those trips to the supermarket on my own:

Your home on a tote, custom tote bag by Alison Garwood-Jones







• Better yet, a pillow of mom I could hug!The Mom Pillow - custom portrait drawings by Alison Garwood-Jones


HOW IT WORKS: if you are interested in creating a memory on a pillow, the price includes my personalized, one-of-kind drawing plus the printing of the pillow(s) by Notion. You will also receive a high-resolution jpeg of the art to recreate however you wish (stationary, stand-alone prints, phone art, laptop skins, T-shirts, totes, etc.). prints all of that kind of stuff, and more! Contact:



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