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30 Gift Ideas For The Month of November

November 6, 2019

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Every day for the month of November, my store Pen Jar Productions will be posting a different Holiday Gift Idea.

I like coming up with designs that make people smile or sit up. It makes me feel like I’ve just looked you in the eye and found a way to turn down the volume on your stress.

Let’s conspire: I’ll help you start planning your Gift Giving Strategy for family, friends and co-workers this holiday season.

Here’s how it works: I feed you the unique gift ideas > you take all the credit!

Over the past year and a half, I built a small online store and filled the shelves with one-of-a-kind Throw Pillows, Tote Bags (many with a Toronto theme), Custom Chiffon Scarves, Tees, phone and laptop art, and my first enamel pin of Jane Jacobs.

I only focus on Badass Women who have moved mountains.

Here are a few pages from my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. If you see something you like, click the image and it will take you to my store at PenJarProductions.

Pinecones and Berries Laptop Skin from

Spring Branches Pillow by PenjarProductions


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