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In the Spotlight: KBarlow Design

December 13, 2019 works with KBarlow Design

As a #bossbabe, I can’t do everything on my own.

I’m already the executive editor and artist in chief for all of my websites, but I still have a beginner’s grasp of code.

Yes, coding is on my list of things to keep learning, but in the interest of time and my sanity I choose to delegate certain tasks. Niggly coding issues is one of them.

My go-to gal for website fixes for my store, Pen Jar Productions and and my longtime eponymous website, is Kathryn Barlow

She’s an arty tech nerd. I like that.

Here’s an example of our working dynamic: Neither of us were digging the dark grey bar across my colourful pillows on my Shopify landing page. The bar was front and centre as soon as the page loaded.

Kathryn asked if I chose that or if someone else had set the site up like that? I explained that it came with the template. And I no idea how to change it.

Kathryn did a quick mockup to show me some better options, and I picked the beautiful aqua tone featured up top.

As Kathryn says, “Website makeovers don’t have to be huge, overwhelming ordeals. They can be tiny tweaks that update your website to better reflect where your business is at now.”

Check out Kathryn’s Instagram profile and website and consider teaming up with her in 2020 to keep your websites in top working order. ~ Alison


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