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Beauty Geeks features my “Spring Branches” pillow for Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2020

Beauty Geeks Valentine's Gift Guide

Beauty Geeks Valentine's Gift Guide featuring Spring Branches PillowThe magazine editor in me still appreciates round-ups of pretty things.🎀

Just like in the movies, the packages arrive at your office. 🛍 📦

You unbox them with glee and line up the object on your desk looking for patterns in ingredients, colours and textures. 💄🌺

Then you pull them together to tell a story. It’s all very Diana Vreeland! 👩🏻

To quote the great Diana: “My dream in life is to come home and think of absolutely nothing. After all, you can’t think all the time.”

The soft textures and scents in this Galantine’s and Valentine’s Day round-up by Liza Herz for Beautygeeks is like 10 minutes with the Calm app, but not 10 minutes with Diana. 💗

Liza’s keen eye saw what I never imagined: she paired my “Spring Branches” pillow with soft cashmere throws, Viva Scandinavian mugs filled with white tea, Gucci perfumes, and amber potpourri nuggets.🍵

All of these things will help you think of nothing but your breath.

Thank you for the story mention, Liza, and Janine Falcon! 💋

My “Spring Branches” Throw Pillow is available at @PenJarProductions until February 28th


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