Alison Garwood Jones

Covid-19 Poster

July 17, 2020

Guess what? I added your suggestions and created “Business Is Up – Part Deux” THE POSTER (11”x17”) ✏️ 

In mid-March, still stunned that gyms and restaurants had suddenly evaporated, ☁️ I started pulling together a list of businesses that were growing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 📈

I posted the first edition on Instagram last week, and asked you to weigh in with more ideas in the comments. 💬 

Turning the list into a poster felt like a good way to capture this weird moment in 21st-century history. Think of this as a silver linings list of businesses who are thriving right now.🌻

Here is the page in my shop.

Again, I didn’t include toilet paper or hand sanitizer; those were too obvious. 🚽 🧻 

I’m sure this is not the final word. 

Happy Friday! 🏖 



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