Alison Garwood Jones

Q&A with Alison

July 27, 2020

Q&A with Alison Garwood-Jones

What’s your name? – Alison

What’s your best advice to young women? – Take breaks

And to young men? – Notice your surroundings, and stand up where necessary.

What’s your Five-Year Plan? – Five-year? This is 2020. No one makes 5 year plans anymore. Six months is more like it.

What’s on your lap? – My planner. Only I’m not using it to track my social media campaigns.

Explain – Since Covid began, I feel compelled to fill in the date spaces with a run down of all the explosions in the economy and job market. You know, this restaurant closed, that department store is toast, sales of floaties are up. etc. etc.

Why are you doing that? – Because it’s the only way I know how to decipher where the opportunities might lie for me and my friends in a Covid and post-Covid world. I ain’t tracking my Instagram followers like I was reluctantly doing pre-pandemic.

Why reluctantly? – I don’t take a scoreboard approach to anything.

Who’s your mentor: Anyone redefining the American definition of success.

Cats or dogs? – Look for Henry in my Instagram feed and you’ll know.

Finish this sentence: the worst kind of man ….: is over-reliant on free female labour.

Finish this sentence: the best kind of man …: sees the potential in humans who are nothing like him and looks for ways to help them succeed.

… The worst kind of woman: votes against the best interests of her gender (more life-altering stuff happens to us).

… And the best? – Becomes who she was meant to be and gives back twice as much because she feels empowered.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself during the Quarantine? – That I’m still born to be a freelancer.

Why do you look so surprised? ~ Because I’m wondering how you got into my apartment.


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