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The Reinventionist

July 21, 2020

Joe Jackman, The Reinventionist

My brain cells were popcorn listening to Joe Jackman in conversation with Tara Hunt and Stefani Forster for the Anatomy of a Strategy Podcast (July 5, 2020 episode). As Joe says, “The future arrives daily. Create it now. Get it out of the lab. You don’t need to place big bets. Be thoughtful about where you are going, and learn your way into it. If you are not participating in the creation of the future, then it’s being done to you.” 

I picked up a copy of Joe’s latest book, The Reinventionist, to keep the conversation going.

Here is the link to the podcast episode.

This post is dedicated to anyone taking classes to survive change, especially those over 40. 

See you in class at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies


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