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Avoiding a scoreboard approach to social media

September 23, 2020

Taking a competitive “scoreboard” approach to social media is guaranteed to mess with your mind, but even more so when you are an artist. 

Somehow, though, we have to balance creativity with being our own PR and Marketing Departments. I have opinions on that.

The following clips are from my interview with Nargiz Mammadova, the co-founder and CEO of the Destin AI app, an AI-powered virtual guide that simplifies the immigration process to Canada. (

Nargiz and I met a few years ago after I delivered a talk for IABC Toronto. She came bounding up to me. 

It turns out, while building the Destin AI app with her team, she was simultaneously filming a web series of interviews with creative entrepreneurs, both as a way to fuel and encourage herself through the day-to-day challenges of building something that didn’t yet exist, but as inspiration for her friends, also trying to make their way through disrupted workplaces and the evolving technological landscape.

Our conversation was shot pre-Covid. 

You can check out all of Nargiz’s interviews at Insights with Nargiz on YouTube.

Produced by Nargiz Mammadova • Videographer:  Gary Chen • Video Editing: Elnur Valiyev


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