Alison Garwood Jones

Why we love dogs

November 30, 2020

Dog portrait by Alison Garwood-Jones

I’m Lio and my mom asked Alison to draw me for my upcoming birthday.

I’ll be one on December 19th. 

If I understand the family chatter correctly, I’ve helped everyone get through some ups and downs lately. 

Everyone keeps saying it’s bad out there, but I feel great. Nothing’s gonna get me down. 

Stick with me and you’ll be fine. 


2 responses to “Why we love dogs”

  1. This dog is beautiful!!! I love the way you’ve done black on black fur, which is super-hard to usually have come out as detailed and not a horrible blob.

    • alison says:

      The blob threat is always on my mind too, Elizabeth. To steer clear from that I turned to mixed media: washes, watercolour pencils and a uniball (waterproof pen – highly recommend). Thanks for the retro act of leaving a comment here. I’m chuffed! ~ Alison

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