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February 22, 2021

Online Art Classes by Alison Garwood-Jones

The internet is a wondrous tool for learning new skills.

When I decided to set up an online classroom to teach my way of making art, Google presented me with the perfect teacher: @ClaraLieu. Clara is a visual artist and former prof at the Rhode Island School of Design, and the Founder of @Art.Prof, a free website for learning visual arts.

I found @ArtProf at a point when I was stuck. Hovering my iPhone over my desk wasn’t working. I needed some serious videography equipment. Clara generously shared her set-up and now I have a Softbox light, a streaming webcam, a Snowball mic and an extra tall light stand to hold my webcam (Clara’s hack: affix the webcam with a thick elastic).

Online art classes with Alison Garwood-Jones

I used my new set-up earlier this month to lead an art class with some alumni from @RotmanCommerce. When you have a class of 20+ it’s actually easier to demonstrate techniques online because each student has an intimate view of my drawing board and hand movements.

Now the possibilities are endless!

Thank you, Clara!



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