Alison Garwood Jones

How I Drew This

July 6, 2021

Process Porn:

I drew this landscape in the @Procreate app using the “Peppermint” pencil ✏️ (in the Brush Library under “Sketching”).

Paul Cézanne was my guide. His angled brushstrokes had a consistent rhythm. They look like the wind blew them all in the same direction.

I prefer Procreate’s pencil tools to it’s oil brushes (at least for now). The oil brushes look too slimy and feel uncontrollable. Also, I don’t like digital drawings to look digital.

The Peppermint pencil I used here looks like hard colouring with a Prismacolor pencil crayon or an oil pastel.

I’d say the layers in Procreate (and Photoshop) have taught me to think in terms of building up a canvas in steps — from dark to light.

I still prefer to draw with real paper, pencils and brushes, but I probably would not have taught myself how to build up a canvas this way using the old fashioned methods.

This is quicker and less expensive, and fun because you can play it back!


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