Alison Garwood Jones

Tea at The Carlyle

July 31, 2021

Tea at the Carlyle - Illustration by Alison Garwood-Jones

The 1955 murals by costume designer Marcel Vertès at the Café Carlyle in New York wrap the room like a diaphanous silk scarf. 

To me, they are a mashup of Chagall, Schiaparelli and Moulin Rouge (1952, not 2001). I saw them come to life last night in the documentary, Always At The Carlyle.

Today’s drawing challenge: take Vertès’s meandering mid-century fashion illustrator lines and pastel splashes of paint and apply them to another subject. 

I’m calling this one “Tea with Marcel.” Imagine Bobby Short at the piano in the background.

Tools: Procreate (brushes: 6B Pencil and Wet Sponge).


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