Alison Garwood Jones

A Stroll Through Allen Gardens

August 25, 2021

Illustration of a couple walking through Allen Gardens, Toronto by Alison Garwood-Jones

Anita DM’d me on Instagram to ask if I could capture Toronto’s Allen Gardens, the place where she and her boyfriend, Scott, first got to know each other. Here’s to love! 

I had the freedom to interpret the scene as I saw fit. This is my favourite kind of working relationship. 

Tools: I drew this in the Procreate app. I used the Peppermint Brush in black (under the Sketching category) to draw the scene. After going through the entire roster of digital brushes, I thought this brush came closest to the boldness and assurance of a black pencil crayon or a Chinese/Butcher’s pencil. Next, I used the Wet Sponge brush (under the Water category) to paint the scene. The effect of this brush is a cross between a watercolour wash and the bloom of a Copic marker. Phone pics of some planters in Huntsville, Ontario served as the inspiration for the colour scheme of the flowers: red, magenta, orange and yellow. When the snow flies in a few months, this scene will remind me of the explosive beauty of Toronto’s summers.


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