Alison Garwood Jones

Paris in Muskoka

August 27, 2021

Illustration of Parisian Café by Alison Garwood-Jones

Last week, we had the most delicious croissants, crêpes, and coffee from the food truck, Frenchie’s Bakery and Crêperie. You can find their truck parked on the sparkling shoreline of Huntsville inner harbour. 

You don’t go to Muskoka to leave it, but while the food was on our plates we WERE IN PARIS!

We dedicate this drawing of the Café Bar du Brésil to the owners of Frenchie’s and their petit bébé. 

The care and dedication of small business owners everywhere makes the human race glow from the inside out.

Drawn in Procreate with the Chalk Brush (under Calligraphy category).


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