Alison Garwood Jones

Reaction to The 2020 US Census

August 15, 2021

Cartoon of an angry man reacting to the demographic changes outlined in the 2020 American Census

Evolving demographics and more nuanced approach to data collection on the US Census form has revealed, for the first time, a drop in the non-Hispanic white population. 

For many Americans of Northern European descent, this racial diversity is challenging their sense of the social order and their understanding of America. 

Some responses (above) have been pretty raw and unfocused. Others are more organized. They are pushing back on demographic changes by intentionally setting up barriers to voting, including redrawing the electoral map (called racial gerrymandering). 

To understanding the findings in the 2020 US Census, go to the source at the United States Census Bureau. You can also read this New York Times piece, or this article in The Wall Street Journal



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