Alison Garwood Jones

Mid-Century Modern Memories

June 21, 2022

House Portrait by Alison Garwood-Jones

My latest commission is personal for two reasons:

1. It’s a digital watercolour drawing of a mid-century modern brick bungalow that my dad, Trevor, designed back in 1966. The home was demolished by a developer in 2017 and replaced with an out-of-the box McMansion. Thomas Allen (whose devotion to Hamilton’s heritage is beyond beyond) described the house in The Inlet as having “a tranquil courtyard, barrel-vaulted roof with celestial windows, mid-century interior, and austere brick exterior, [all] strong symbols of modernism.”

2. My client (the son of the original owner) grew up in this house and was my neighbour. We played dolls for hours in the grassy meadow between our houses. And we are friends to this day.

I am pouring today’s sun-dappled gorgeosity into my work. I like quietly drawing away on a sunny Saturday. I don’t feel the need to be playing outside. Doing this work brings to mind what author Susan Cain says about life: that joy and sorrow are forever paired and will carry us forward.


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