Alison Garwood Jones

Does your boss make you work weekends?

July 15, 2022

It’s important that our bosses and clients don’t set Monday deadlines that pressure us into working on the weekends. (Working for yourself is another story).

By speaking up en masse, we can steer our culture into recognizing that weekends are sacred time that are meant to be spent how we see fit: napping, doing laundry, taking a fun course, going for a hike.

When we regularly rest and step away, we go back to work on Monday in fighting form.

I made this “Step Away Guide” for a group called “the Laini girls” back in the Spring when they were studying for exams.

The Step Away Guide by Alison Garwood-Jones

Laini is a program created by Jamii Esplanade that is about giving “every young woman the confidence and tools to see themselves as leaders. It’s about equal chances and the ability for all to walk the path of leadership.”

“Laini” is a Swahili word that means ‘to flatten an area with the intent of making it accessible.’

I culled the tips from my own life, hoping I could help support them as they prepare to enter university, then the workforce.

This generation has a strong sense of right and wrong. They wrestle with this in their quiet moments. Justice is their middle name.

I look forward to them stepping up into leadership roles sooner than later.


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