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August 19, 2022

You asked, and we responded.

Starting this fall, I’ll be teaching the NEW Micro Course versions of the University of Toronto SCS’s popular 12-week course Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media.

• 2875A – Digital Communications Strategy: Defining Your Business Objective – this 5-week course starts Wednesday, September 7th at 6 pm ET.

• 2875B – Digital Communications Strategy: Content Marketing and Distribution – this 6-week course starts Wednesday, October 12 at 6 pm ET.

If you can’t make it, not a problem! I will record the classes so you can learn at the pace and time you prefer.

And if you are asking, What’s the difference between the 12-week Digital Strategy Course and it’s 2 spin-off Micro Courses? Here’s how I explained it to a new student  who DM’d me on Twitter:

“The Micros help you upskill more quickly and prepare you for the constant changes in digital marketing. They focus on strategy and tactics with supporting examples and shorter assignments.  The advantage of the 12-week course is that you are given the chance to set up and build out a blog, vlog or podcast. You learn what it is like to maintain and establish a publishing rhythm, and build brand awareness around one project you are proud of. The 12-week version is great for people looking to take more time creating a website they can leverage into a new career or a new life. It’s about building your online castle on land you own.”

To get the full details about each of the course formats, click on the links above.

See you in class!




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