Alison Garwood Jones

Welcome To My New Shop

October 12, 2022

I decided to toss the pillows and rebrand my Shopify store as a Print Shop.

It felt more in line with how I define myself right now: as an illustrator who writes.

For those of you who purchased from my old store, thank you. — xo

I hope your pets and house guests are continuing to snuggle up to my pillows.

Dogs on My Pillow Designs

It turns I’m not keen on the environmental impact of running an online shop stuffed with tote bags, pillows, plastic phone covers, and a range of other tchotchkes available on demand these days.

Scaling a business like that would mean producing more stuff that the earth just doesn’t need.

Sharing my sketches and ideas with you on recycled paper products (with environmental shipping standards) feels lighter, less greedy.

To have no environmental impact would mean producing and sharing nothing. Alas, I’m not prepared to be that abstinent.

I’ll continue to evolve how I show up here.



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