Alison Garwood Jones

Social Media: Chapter One is Over

January 5, 2023

Course Prep for Digital Strategy by Alison Garwood-Jones

I’ve often said that teaching digital communications is not like guiding a class through the 17 French verb conjugations.

Those won’t change.

Digital comms … not so much. Think: cinematic storm clouds and thunderclaps, and maybe an arena full of bucking broncos!

So here I am again writing down ideas on tiny torn-up sheets of paper on how to update my decks to reflect the last year and month online.

You gotta be nimble and stay on your toes: hence the pink trainers.

My University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies courses are 3681 – Writing Digital Content and 2875 – Foundations of Digital Comms Strategy and Social Media. I also teach 2 micro-course versions of 2875 (2875A and 2875B) if you want a more bite-sized learning experience.

See you in class!


P.S. If you’re keen to read some success stories about former students, I wrote this.


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