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Don’t Google Yourself, Try Binging

August 3, 2023

No pretty pictures today • All business

To my writer friends trying to improve their online presence (all of us):

Don’t Google yourself, starting “Binging” your name.

Find out what sources Chat GPT-4 in collaboration with Bing search are using to tell your story. This story is what prospects will see and believe.

My results were:

• littered with incorrect facts
• pulled from outdated sources
• skipped my website altogether (what’s an About Page for? And I love my blog *sniff*)

If a chat output doesn’t mention my website, the likelihood of someone searching for it isn’t good.

The results when I Binged myself
Final Thoughts: It looks like it’s up to me to increase and update my earned media mentions. I need to be featured in more podcasts and website profiles by others where I can remind listeners and readers: “You can find me over at“. Those increased mentions will become text that gets picked up in the next round of training the models. And, “for the record, I graduated from Queen’s University, and I never wrote for The Walrus.” But that’s my past, not my present. It’s not relevant anymore.

To be continued …

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