Alison Garwood Jones

The Evolution of Digital Strategy

January 12, 2024

2024 marks ten years since I started teaching Digital Communications Strategy & Social Media (2875) at the University of Toronto.

2014 was another era: Obama (the 1st social media president) was still in office, Brazil was wild about Justin Bieber, and those of us who lived online were gripped by a condition known as #FOMO.

This slideshow looks at where we are right now:

The evolution of Digital Strategy: 2014-2024
The evolution of Blogging: 2014-2024
The evolution of Social Media Strategy: 2014-2024
The evolution of SEO and Search: 2014-2024
Artificial Intelligence: 2014-2024

The new year is also the perfect time to say how grateful I am to Martin Waxman, Eden Spodek, Diane Begin, Donna Papacosta, and Andrew Jenkins for showing me how to find my voice as a university instructor. Thank you as well to Cynthia Bettcher, Keri Damen, Sam Levy, Marisa Ciappara and Lee Gowen. It takes a village to ensure that learners get the most up-to-date version of their industry.

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