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Bookmarks for Orphaned Adults

April 28, 2024

To all the people in Canada and the US who have already pre-ordered my new graphic novel, I Miss My Mommy: 150 Portraits of Orphaned Adults, Thank You!

This custom bookmark and card will be arriving in your post box later this week.


"I Miss My Mommy" bookmarks for Orphaned Adults by Alison Garwood-Jones

I Miss My Mommy is the world’s first picture book for big people without parents.

It’s a love letter to orphaned adults (my people) who find calendar holidays, like Mother’s Day, especially hard.

Tell me if you agree: after you lose a parent, first you grieve that they’re gone and never coming back. Then you grieve how they affected you. I took the five stages of grief and turned them into a cast of 150 hand drawn characters, some grim, some funny, but all relatable.

I call it getting graphic about grief.

"I Miss My Mommy" bookmarks for Orphaned Adults by Alison Garwood-Jones

If you’re struggling with loss, I hope this book helps you find a way to sit with emotions you’ve been avoiding but can’t stop feeling.

Present the book to a friend who misses their mom on Mother’s Day, or someone who is still trying to make sense of their relationship with a parent.

I Miss My Mommy is now available for pre-order at

And as a thank you to those who place a Pre-Order, I will email you a FREE chapter and send you a bookmark!

Thank you, Lulu Press, Inc. ! 📚


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