Alison Garwood Jones

The Power of Daily Journaling & Doodling

April 28, 2024

The power of journalling and doodling by Alison Garwood-Jones

FROM SLUDGE TO SHAZAM ⚡️- A day without journaling is like a day without exercise. I write to break through the morning sludge.

Journaling uncovers the ideas you didn’t know were hiding beneath your moaning, groaning, and scrolling.

Becoming a writer with a unique voice, an open heart, and a distinct point of view is a decades-long quest. I’m still on it. And I won’t get there if I don’t face the page and dump out my petty grievances first.

Profundity, gratitude, and grace are always hiding below that crusty layer. Breaking through it is like discovering warm honey under a layer of wax. Doing it increases your positivity and makes you better equiped to handle the rest of your day.

If you didn’t start your morning with journaling, there’s still time. Add drawings too.

Epilogue: My “Sludge to Shazam” moment yesterday unearthed, what I thought, was a meaningful way to describe our universal search for motherly love: Are You My Mother? ➡️ I Miss My Mommy 📚 – my new graphic novel (link in bio).



I Miss My Mommy is my new picture book for big people without parents … because sometimes we need images to explain the language of loss.

The perfect gift for someone who is missing (or wrestling with) their deceased mum on Mother’s Day.

Available at

Printed and shipped with care by Lulu Press, Inc.




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