Alison Garwood Jones

Male Friendships and Grief

May 9, 2024


I’m at the start of a book tour for my graphic novel, I Miss my Mommy, and I’ve been glad to see as many men as women reaching out to me to share why my this picture book for orphaned adults resonates with them.

“Need this,” wrote one guy on Instagram. “Love the idea of this book,” said another, also on Instagram. I’m telling you where they posted their comments because it shows a lack of inhibition about sharing their feelings with the world at large. Can you see a man in the 1950s publicly admitting to missing his mommy?

A third fella ordered three copies of my book and then emailed me to say he was saving one for himself and giving the others to “two very close friends who have both lost their mothers, one very recently. The idea really resonated with me as a gift for each of them.”

If you look for change, you’ll find it. It’s happening everywhere, despite what some corners of the internet would have us believe.

Remember, it’s in the moments of greatest change that we experience the strongest pushback. So be strong and audacious, one and all, and lead with hope, kindness and empathy.

Today’s featured drawing is from page 161 of the chapter “The Survivors” (p. 161) from my new graphic novel, I Miss My Mommy: 150 Portraits of Orphaned Adults.

I created the animation of the golfers in PhotoShop, then added the other elements, like the bouncing golf ball, in Adobe Express.


I Miss My Mommy is the perfect gift for someone you know who’s missing their mum on Mother’s Day.

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