Alison Garwood Jones

The Ink Spot

Originally published in June 2023 in Blog, The Ink Spot, Toronto Illustrators

Are you curious to try the new AI features inside PhotoShop? Here’s a one-minute tutorial on where to find it and how to start using it. In this example, I wanted to add an AI-generated background to my drawing of a beagle. After uploading a transparent png file of my dog drawing, I prompted the […]

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The Ink Spot: Drawing Faces

Originally published in June 2020 in Blog, Drawing Lesson, How to Draw, The Ink Spot

In today’s 60-second art lesson, I show you my way of drawing faces. 🎨 Loose is better and fun is key. Making art should feel like going down a hill on your bike.

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The Ink Spot: learn perspective

Originally published in May 2020 in Blog, Illustration, Pen Jar Productions, The Ink Spot, Toronto Illustrators

THE INK SPOT 🖊 In today’s 60-second art lesson, I’ll show you my very un-mathematical trick for capturing perspective. No rulers were involved! 🎨 If you would like to practice the steps I teach, swipe left and use my Neighbourhood Trampoline drawing as a tracing tool. Or, go crazy and colour the houses! Featured here: the marker magic […]

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