Alison Garwood Jones

Don’t Google Yourself, Try Binging

Originally published in August 2023 in Blog

No pretty pictures today • All business To my writer friends trying to improve their online presence (all of us): Don’t Google yourself, starting “Binging” your name. Find out what sources Chat GPT-4 in collaboration with Bing search are using to tell your story. This story is what prospects will see and believe. My results […]

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AI Coffee Talk

Originally published in June 2023 in Blog

The many ways we are responding to AI.

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Content Relief Supplements

Originally published in February 2023 in Blog

I’m suffering from mood swings … over AI. I go from “Holy Wow, this is cool. Let me ask it this question” to “How dare the Tech Bros foist this upon us when we’re still climbing out of a pandemic.” In my sleep-deprived moments, Generative AI feels like content marketing in a pill. I know […]

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