Alison Garwood Jones

Out of sight

Originally published in April 2011 in Blog

Updated on April 10: scroll to bottom I spent four years at Queen’s University shouting in Gaelic at football games, waiting in line at the campus pub and preparing for slide tests (I was an art history major). In between socializing, two ideas mentioned in passing during my painting seminars shot up like flares: Men […]

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Female emancipation never looked so bad

Originally published in August 2010 in Blog

©AGJ You’re circling the drain Take back the message Yeah, it takes work Focus and vigilance The lowest common denominator takes seconds to achieve Overriding decades of work You’re discouraged? OK! Let’s work with that No, you say And throw a party To make you feel better The theme? Your own degradation You invite your […]

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In conversation with Bruce Mau

Originally published in April 2010 in Blog

Photo: Dave Gillespie I was feeling defeated the day I spoke to Bruce Mau, the Sudbury-born, world-renowned designer/thought leader. I called Mau at his Chicago studio back in January to talk about the environmental movement and to hear his ideas about design in a world without oil. We chatted a few days before he arrived […]

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