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Anne is back!

June 1, 2010

A happy follow-up to my post Best Before Dates, written three months ago.

Broadcast journalist, Anne Mroczkowski (left), fired last February as co-anchor of Toronto’s CityNews at Six on City TV, is back on air tonight.


The rumours on Twitter were true. Global wooed and won her as the new co-host (with Leslie Roberts) of the network’s 6 o’clock News Hour.

Speaking of getting fired from City, Mroczkowski  told the Toronto Star‘s Rob Salem, “There were a couple of tough days. Suddenly, after years in the business to be told that your experience, your work ethic, your passion and dedication are no longer valued … I was understandably upset.” As she said, “I just figured, ‘That part of [my] life is over. Time to look forward.'”

[pullquote]I just figured, ‘That part of [my] life is over. Time to look forward.'”[/pullquote]

Kudos to Global for recognizing her worth. Their website bio on the anchor also deserves tons of praise (words in bold are mine):

For more than 30 years, award-winning news anchor Anne Mroczkowski has brought local television audiences stories that have moved, shaken and stirred their hearts, minds and lives. Anne has been at the forefront reporting on major events – from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the global recession, from SARS to 9/11 plus, heartwarming stories including liver recipient, baby Lindsay Eberhardt as well as her ground-breaking documentary on infertility. Her ability to relate and connect with her viewers has made her a household name across the GTA.



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