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October 6, 2015

I stick up for freelancers. They inspire me. They’re my tribe.

I don’t know if what I say disturbs the order. When there are still more men making $100 million a month on Wall Street flipping real estate than there are Occupy protests, I’d say … probably not.

Every day, we freelancers show up to write, draw, scratch our chins, review our sins, check our email and push through our lower/middle class existential crises. Hope is like oxygen to us, although to admit that would be a bit pathetic.

So last night I threw several bottles containing messages into the Twitter stream. I was the guest on Marketer Monday, a Tweet Chat held every Monday between 8-9pm. Moderator Karima-Catherine Goundiam interviews key industry leaders on topics ranging from business, marketing and social media and it attracts a large and active crowd from North America and the UK.

The topic I proposed was: Show What You Want To Be Known For: Why Monetizing Your Creativity is Easier in a Digital Age. Karima asked me to tszuj up the Marketer Monday mascot, so I put a brush and palette on the end of his wings:

Here’s a round up of tweets. In short, getting discovered is way easier when you’re online. But you have to be a steely negotiator.








And about idea theft:


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