Alison Garwood Jones

Tea at The Carlyle

Originally published in July 2021 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

The 1955 murals by costume designer Marcel Vertès at the Café Carlyle in New York wrap the room like a diaphanous silk scarf.  To me, they are a mashup of Chagall, Schiaparelli and Moulin Rouge (1952, not 2001). I saw them come to life last night in the documentary, Always At The Carlyle. Today’s drawing […]

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Goodbye, Instagram. Hello again, WordPress

Originally published in July 2021 in Blog

What? You didn’t hear the news? Instagram’s 3-column scrolling gallery loved by illustrators, photographers and influencers alike is going away.  The very thing that makes Instagram unique — its square photo sharing feature (and filters) — is about to be wiped out and replaced by all video all the time. But why? you ask.   […]

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How I Drew This

Originally published in July 2021 in Blog, How to Draw, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

Process Porn: I drew this landscape in the @Procreate app using the “Peppermint” pencil ✏️ (in the Brush Library under “Sketching”). Paul Cézanne was my guide. His angled brushstrokes had a consistent rhythm. They look like the wind blew them all in the same direction. I prefer Procreate’s pencil tools to it’s oil brushes (at […]

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