Alison Garwood Jones

Don’t skip history class

Originally published in January 2022 in Blog

As more tech companies hire programmers and developers without university degrees, here’s a thought: Incentivize employees who skipped the “humanities” by offering free access to online university courses in ethics, philosophy, comparative religion, mythology, and history (ancient and modern). Then, increase their pay scale if they earn at least 80% in these courses. Going forward, […]

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Student Success Stories

Originally published in January 2022 in Blog, Continuing Education, Social Media Instructor, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Just a few of the students who came to class with very sharp pencils. If you are on this page because you’re thinking of enrolling in my University of Toronto Digital Strategy course, I can see you! But seriously, Hi, I’m glad you stopped by. Whenever I take a course — I took Creating Comics […]

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