Alison Garwood Jones

Teaming up with Jane’s Walk Toronto

Originally published in April 2019 in Blog, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recorder, Graphic Visualizer, Jane Jacobs Enamel Pin, Toronto Illustrators, Visual Notetaking

Pen Jar Productions is an official partner of Jane’s Walk Toronto (May 3-5, 2019). I will be outfitting all 130 Walk Leaders with my Jane Jacobs’s Enamel Pin.

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Originally published in May 2015 in Blog, Doodling, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Graphic Visualizer, Illustration, Visual Notetaking, Visual Storytelling

TEDxWomen 2015 is a one-day event showcasing women’s voices and perspectives from around the world. While TEDxTheAnnexWomen highlights local voices in Toronto, it is part of an intercontinental network of inspiring storytelling. Here’s how I saw what I heard.

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