Alison Garwood Jones

Growing up in an artistic home

Originally published in October 2020 in Blog, Profile,, Toronto Illustrators, Video

The soil I grew up in was planted with art, music and literature. Mind you, I didn’t start seriously reading until university. I was too busy staring at the layout of my marker sets.  The following clips are from my interview with Nargiz Mammadova, the co-founder and CEO of the Destin AI app, an AI-powered […]

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Milton Glaser

Originally published in August 2020 in Blog, Profile,, Toronto Illustrators

Milton Glaser was (and is) my teacher. He didn’t know that. But I know it and so do the thousands of other attuned souls who sidled up to him for wisdom. When Milton explained that “Attentiveness is the great benefit of drawing,” I instantly understood why drawing had taken hold of me over words.  Becoming […]

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Q&A with Alison

Originally published in July 2020 in Blog, Profile,

What’s your name? – Alison What’s your best advice to young women? – Take breaks And to young men? – Notice your surroundings, and stand up where necessary. What’s your Five-Year Plan? – Five-year? This is 2020. No one makes 5 year plans anymore. Six months is more like it. What’s on your lap? – […]

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Meeting my customers

Originally published in August 2019 in Blog, Custom Portraits, Enamel Pins, Jane Jacobs Enamel Pin, Pen Jar Productions, Profile,, Toronto Illustrators

The best part of owning and operating  Pen Jar Productions, my online store, is creating the product and meeting my customers. Here is my interview with Fernanda van der Laan, proud owner of my Jane Jacobs enamel pin. This summer my Jane Jacobs pin (circled in blue) entered a special collection of over 300 pins, […]

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Best in Class

Originally published in April 2019 in Blog, Canadian House and Home, Profile,

Anyone who knows me knows I like interviewing people who are best in their fields. I got to do that for the May issue of House & Home magazine. I sat down with Tony Round of blackLAB architects inc. and designer Cameron MacNeil to find out how they positioned, built, and appointed a modern farmhouse […]

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Originally published in January 2019 in Blog, Profile,

At a time when jaws were agape over Farrah & Cheryl, I had Marie. Because of her, I bobbed & conditioned my hair, worked harder on my smile, & took up figure skating. I also committed to perfecting the sassy comeback with my brothers. #BrunettesInAWorldOfBlondes, #GoingCoconuts

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