Alison Garwood Jones

Old habits die hard

Originally published in March 2011 in Blog

We all have our coping mechanisms for getting through life, habits we pick up as youngsters or fall into as adults. Some are private and gross (toe nail biting) or public and determined (nose picking). A few enlighten and engage the human spirit (reading), while others are mechanical and redundant (hand washing), or lonely (midnight […]

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Rubin Naiman in conversation

Originally published in May 2010 in Blog

If I’m nice to be around, I’m sure it’s because I get more rest than most folks. I have enormous respect for sleep. I consciously avoid certain behaviors that will trip it up or mess with its mystery. I don’t, for example, blow cigarette smoke at it or push it away with too much alcohol and […]

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This one and only life

Originally published in March 2010 in Blog

Beer turns lots of people into citizen philosophers, including me. I was nursing a Guinness the other day with my friend, Ajeet, when, apropos of nothing, he sighed and announced, “Well, I’ve fulfilled my biological destiny. I’ve fathered a boy and a girl.” He didn’t elaborate, although I gave him the space to. All I […]

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