Alison Garwood Jones

My Freelancer Life: Think Diversification

Originally published in October 2020 in Blog, Video

Freelancers need to adopt a portfolio career, applying multiple skill streams.

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Growing up in an artistic home

Originally published in October 2020 in Blog, Profile,, Toronto Illustrators, Video

The soil I grew up in was planted with art, music and literature. Mind you, I didn’t start seriously reading until university. I was too busy staring at the layout of my marker sets.  The following clips are from my interview with Nargiz Mammadova, the co-founder and CEO of the Destin AI app, an AI-powered […]

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The Reinventionist

Originally published in July 2020 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

My brain cells were popcorn listening to Joe Jackman in conversation with Tara Hunt and Stefani Forster for the Anatomy of a Strategy Podcast (July 5, 2020 episode). As Joe says, “The future arrives daily. Create it now. Get it out of the lab. You don’t need to place big bets. Be thoughtful about where […]

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