Alison Garwood Jones

Telling time

Originally published in April 2018 in Blog, Doodling, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

Queen Street window shopping: I still appreciate these ancient devices for marking time. Also, a watch is a piece of jewelry to me. A phone is not. #Toronto #the6ix #timepiece #watches(@WestQueenWest)

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Bill Cunningham left us a memoir — oh joy!

Originally published in April 2018 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

Source: The New York Times

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The Bouvier Sisters

Originally published in March 2018 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

Jacqueline and Lee Bouvier, 1951. Watercolour illustration by Alison Garwood-Jones  

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Sixties style

Originally published in January 2018 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

In this New Year’s Instagram Trunk Show, I’m modelling a tunic from Pierre Cardin’s Cosmocorps Collection from 1967. Monsieur Cardin turns 96 this July. I hope he still gets a charge from a needle pulling thread like I do from his space age designs and those kooky sixties model poses.

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Jessie Tait, designer

Originally published in August 2017 in Blog

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When in doubt

Originally published in July 2017 in Blog

I love this quote by Shadi Petosky from Grace Bonney’s book, In The Company of Women. I was determined to visualize it in PhotoShop, which I’m finally learning. It’s easier to learn a new tool when you have something you actually want or need to make. Have you noticed that too? I learned iMovie because […]

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Chalk art tips

Originally published in June 2017 in Blog, Surface Design

Photo: Alison Garwood-Jones The Merchant Tavern, TORONTO (@TheMerchantTo): Colouring on the back of a window makes the shaded areas appear more solid from the front. This is especially true on double-pane glass. This is my latest #ChalkArt discovery using Molotow acrylic markers. Some other things I’ve learned since I started drawing on windows two summers ago: […]

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Why hire an artist?

Originally published in June 2017 in Blog

Any business can order vinyl lettering, but having a chalk artist on site shows more care and commitment to the customer (who wants to be delighted), your business and the artistic community. It creates work! People love to stop and talk to artists in action. The biggest feedback I get is: you spelled that wrong. […]

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I made my first wallpaper pattern

Originally published in June 2017 in Blog

I designed this “Summer Lovin’”wallpaper pattern for The Merchant Tavern‘s beer, wine, and sangria station at the #AdelaideEatsTo Summer Food Market. It’s open M-F, 11 am – 9 pm at the corner of University and Adelaide, upper deck.  I learned how to make wallpaper patterns in a great Skillshare video by Julia Rothman (Thank you, Julia, for […]

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Wrecking ball

Originally published in May 2017 in Blog

I let my dad down. Trevor was an architect, and earlier this week one of his modernist designs, the Fawcett House (1966), was torn down to make room for something new and improved. Thomas Allen wrote an eloquent and heartfelt lament about it in The Inlet, saying, “the tranquil courtyard, barrel-vaulted roof with celestial windows, […]

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