Alison Garwood Jones

Algonquin Island Christmas Boutique

Originally published in November 2019 in Blog, Holiday Gift Ideas, Toronto Illustrators

I love it when I get up early to make art. I especially like imagining the features of my city through line and colour. Reading about Toronto in a novel or seeing its what makes it unique through an illustration is a really good way to step outside of our ourselves and our routines and […]

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30 Gift Ideas For The Month of November

Originally published in November 2019 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Every day for the month of November, my store¬†Pen Jar Productions¬†will be posting a different Holiday Gift Idea. I like coming up with designs that make people smile or sit up. It makes me feel like I’ve just looked you in the eye and found a way to turn down the volume […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Writer In Your Life

Originally published in November 2018 in Blog

A while back, I made a bunch of ink and watercolour drawings with a film noir feel. I couldn’t decide if I was growing a cartoon strip, or just testing out a new sketchbook and pen? I still don’t know. This is as far as I got: I couldn’t let go of what I had […]

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