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Happy Easter

April 19, 2019

Spring Flowers watercolour  by Alison Garwood-Jones

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April 17, 2019

Sixties Bras

Och, this thing’s itchy.

#SaidEveryWomanEver .

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Hand Drawings

April 17, 2019

Hand Drawings by Alison Garwood-Jones

The push and pull of being vs doing. To me, hands are the ultimate doers, storytellers, get-shit-done human power tools. Not so for the copywriters at Elle magazine in 1967. Boy is it fun and weird leafing through back issues. Women’s magazines are the supreme handbooks on how to be, not do. There are times when that has not been true, but fortunes and priorities change, money shuffles, and the magazines with the biggest mouths are shuttered or redesigned, and we revert back to our old ways. Can you tell which quotes are mine and which are not?

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When your students draw you

April 12, 2019

Sugandha Gaur Drawing
I’m one of those instructors who doesn’t mind if her students draw during class.

From my own experience, drawing makes us MORE focused listeners.

My thanks to #DigitalEdu‘er @followhulki for this spot-on portrait of me.

Check out her Twitter bio & blog for a range of her illos!

She also happens to be an OCAD instructor.

I’ll be teaching Foundations in Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media again this Spring.

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Best in Class

April 12, 2019

House & Home Article by Alison Garwood-Jones - May 2019

Anyone who knows me knows I like interviewing people who are best in their fields. I got to do that for the May issue of House & Home magazine. I sat down with Tony Round of blackLAB architects inc. and designer Cameron MacNeil to find out how they positioned, built, and appointed a modern farmhouse to take full advantage of a jaw-dropping view. In this case, a 180-expanse of Georgian Bay from a hilltop. My thanks to owners, Kevin Heeney Toronto Real Estate and Alim Dhanji for their stories of raising two little ones on this amazing property.

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Teaming up with Jane’s Walk Toronto

April 7, 2019

Happy Sunday, friends!

I haven’t’ even cracked my Sunday New York Times yet. I hope it’s still in the lobby. Here’s why: I spent the morning turning my drawings into puppets for this video.

I am proud to announce that Pen Jar Productions is an official partner of Jane’s Walk Toronto (May 3-5, 2019). I will be outfitting all 130 Walk Leaders with my Jane Jacobs’s Enamel Pin.

“We walk together to make space for every person to observe, reflect, share, question, and collectively re-imagine our city.” ~ Jane’s Walk Toronto

To find out where the walks are happening (and who is leading them), go to:

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Process Junkie

March 25, 2019

Preview of Spring Designs at Daisy drawings

While my students were working on their group projects this week, I had a moment to myself. So I drew a daisy, then two …

Back at my desk the next day, I had the beginnings of my Spring/Summer collection for Pen Jar Productions.

The ingredients that went into this recipe were:

• 1 Above Ground Art Supplies Premium Hardbound Sketchbook

• 1 Uniball Vision Pen (Fine). The waterproof ink is key.

• 4 colours: Daniel Smith’s New Gamboe, Hansa Yellow Light (Lemon Yellow works too), Sap Green and Payne’s Grey.

• PhotoShop (I finally understand a fraction of it!)

• 1 HP Scanner (the glass plate is so small. I need to upgrade)

• 1 artboard from Curry’s

• 1 elastic (from a head of broccoli) and two sunny yellow clips to hold the pages down for photographing

• 1 Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio

I hope you love process as much as I do.

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Virginia Woolf and Alice Munro in conversation

March 11, 2019

In my latest comic, “She is the House,” I imagine a conversation between two generations of writers.

Virginia Woolf and Alice Munro discuss the challenges of being a writer when you’re a woman.

It’s been 90 years since Woolf published, A Room of One’s Own, and 51 years since Munro wrote her short story, “The Office.”

I brought them together because the questions they raised about solitude and productivity are still just as pressing.

Things I think about.


Virginia Woolf and Alice Munro in conversation - comic by Alison Garwood-JonesVirginia Woolf and Alice Munro in conversation - comic by Alison Garwood-Jones

Virginia Woolf and Alice Munro in conversation - comic by Alison Garwood-Jones






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January 11, 2019

Alison Garwood-Jones shows off her Marie Osmond Poster.

At a time when jaws were agape over Farrah & Cheryl, I had Marie. Because of her, I bobbed & conditioned my hair, worked harder on my smile, & took up figure skating. I also committed to perfecting the sassy comeback with my brothers. #BrunettesInAWorldOfBlondes, #GoingCoconuts

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Morning memories

January 10, 2019

Shell hunting on the Isle of Guernsey, 1951.

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