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From the business pages

Originally published in October 2015 in Blog

    In June, Goldman Sachs brought down a new policy for their 2900 interns in investment banking: leave the office before midnight each day. (Source: The Sunday Funnies. Correction: “Sunday Business,” The New York Times).   Goldman Sachs supports     Meet Kenneth Griffin, an American hedge fund manager and the Founder and CEO of […]

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Performance Art

Originally published in July 2015 in Blog, Chalkboard Art, Doodling, Graphic Recording, Graphic Visualizer, Illustration, Visual Notetaking, Visual Storytelling

I’ve been doing chalkboard art on the windows at The Merchant Tavern for two weeks now, armed with my ruler, Sharpie paint markers, Q-tips and a bottle of nail polish remover. One hundred thousand commuters flood Toronto’s Financial District on weekdays, and during the morning rush hour about ten thousand of them walk past the spot where […]

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We Know What Jane Jacobs Would Do

Originally published in June 2015 in Blog, Custom Portraits, Doodling, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

 #GardinerEast: “It’s an awful handicap.” ~ Jane Jacobs   SaveSave

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News really is getting mobile

Originally published in February 2015 in Blog

News organizations that have been focused on their online real estate  — i.e. stuff they own, like their websites — need to start thinking more like train-hopping vagabonds. This means going homeless and filling their rucksacks with original stories formatted for mobile-only apps, then hitting the road and stopping at a variety of destinations along […]

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Upcoming Workshop: 2 weeks today!

Originally published in June 2014 in Blog

My next Digital Strategy Workshop is exactly two weeks today: Wednesday, June 18, from 1-4 pm. If you are an independent business owner, like me, I think you’ll find the tips and discussions very helpful. Email me at for the location details. *I plan to be at the beach and other people’s cottages over […]

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Pilot Coffee Roasters

Originally published in May 2014 in Blog

Thanks for the ‪#‎Woot‬, Williamson Chong. In my humble opinion, architect Don Chong is the next Jane Jacobs. None of that made it in to my profile of Don’s work for Pilot Coffee Roasters, but the evidence is sprinkled throughout the transcript of my interview with him. Some of you may remember Don for his “Small Fridges Make Good Cities” […]

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Tonight’s reading

Originally published in May 2014 in Blog

My good pal, Jonathan Menon, sent me this: The New York Times Innovation Report, 2014. It outlines how the paper might reorganize itself into a truly “digital-first” organization. The report is 100 pages and will probably take me two baths to get through. The Times admits its biggest weakness, still, has been its reluctance to shift the […]

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A foot in the door

Originally published in April 2014 in Blog

Republished on J-Source, The Canadian Journalism Project. Every era has its hiring challenges. In the Dirty Thirties, when there was no work, men spent more time in soup lines than job lines.  “You couldn’t even buy a job,” so went the popular catch phrase of the era. By the 1950s, there was plenty of work, although […]

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Stupid shit

Originally published in March 2014 in Blog

In Silicon Valley, designing apps that save people time is considered a noteworthy contribution to humanity. It’s why daily organizers like Evernote and 30:30 are considered big, but not as big as the category for “Stupid Shit.” It’s funny how toilet humour  made the journey from analogue to digital with nary a hitch. I mean, there […]

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New Workshop

Originally published in July 2013 in Blog

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