Alison Garwood Jones

Art Helps

Originally published in September 2019 in Blog, Cartoons, Comic, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

In ten seconds, the ticker tape of a woman’s mind can go from, “I need a snack,” “When do I pick up the kids?” to “What’s the root cause of misogyny?” Most gals who pay attention to the way the world works are only two or three thoughts away from dystopian spirals. Afternoon cheese and […]

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Hi Tomato

Originally published in July 2019 in Blog, Comic, Doodling, Graphic Facilitator, Graphic Recorder, Graphic Visualizer, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

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Pool People

Originally published in July 2019 in Blog, Comic, Graphic Recorder, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

I move between many different tribes: writer people, illustrator people, and hotel pool people.    

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Women and burnout: a comic

Originally published in December 2018 in Blog, Comic, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

My newest comic: an update on women’s progress through the current shit storm. Always remember: “Art should not be about impressing others. Art is about engaging in a candid dialogue with yourself.” ~ Dan Rather

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