Alison Garwood Jones

Willful web series

Originally published in January 2017 in Blog

This is me talking with my pal, Andrew Dobson, creator of the food and travel media empire, DobberNationLoves. Andrew is one of dozens of creative entrepreneurs and artists I’ll be interviewing in Willful, a new web series I co-created with my friend, Yann Yap, a producer, photographer and videographer currently working at TFO. A selfie of the […]

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We work for society

Originally published in October 2016 in Blog

“We work for society.” This is how my dad, Trevor Garwood-Jones (1928-2011), described an architect’s responsibilities to the communities they build in. Buildings house our existing emotions, but also create new ones — some drab, some inspired depending on the quality of the design. Beauty was key, in Trevor’s mind, to building empathy and a sense […]

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Originally published in July 2016 in Blog

“Let’s believe in something, just in case.” ~ Picasso

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In Conversation with Anita Kunz

Originally published in May 2016 in Blog

hen Anita Kunz was a five-year old growing up in Kitchener, Ontario in the early 1960s, she practiced drawing the usual kid stuff: horses, flowers, fluffy clouds. But making Crayola masterpieces for the fridge wasn’t enough. Anita drew with a stronger sense of purpose learned from her uncle, the artist and environmentalist Robert Kunz. His editorial illustrations […]

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In conversation with Google’s Robert Wong

Originally published in July 2012 in Blog

I recently sat down with Robert Wong, the co-founder and Executive Creative Director of  the Google Creative Lab. You may not know about the lab, but its products are unforgettable. Take “Parisian Love,” a 52-second video the lab produced that’s all about “search” and the serendipity of finding true love through the internet. This video […]

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In conversation with Erin Cooper Gay

Originally published in May 2012 in Blog

“In Conversation” is a popular Q&A Segment on “Society Pages” that features interviews with creative risk takers. So far, I’ve profiled Bruce Mau, an industrial designer turned global thinker, Maureen Judge, a Genie Award-winning filmmaker whose real life docs focus on family dynamics, and Evan Jones, a pioneer in Alternate Reality Games. Evan’s computer feats have […]

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In conversation with Evan Jones

Originally published in May 2011 in Blog

We’re living in an era of merging gadgets. Now you can connect your smart phone to your tablet to your laptop and television and stream a movie, a music video, a web series, family photos or a radio podcast right down the conga line of equipment until it hits your TV screen. And let’s face […]

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In conversation with Maureen Judge

Originally published in May 2010 in Blog

In a display of human nature at its worst, I once worked with a fashionista who sneered, “Old ladies smell like sour milk.” Wow, I thought, if women can be this disdainful of their mother’s generation, we’ve got a problem. Judging by popular culture, society as a whole finds post-fertile women not worth looking at […]

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In conversation with Bruce Mau

Originally published in April 2010 in Blog

Photo: Dave Gillespie I was feeling defeated the day I spoke to Bruce Mau, the Sudbury-born, world-renowned designer/thought leader. I called Mau at his Chicago studio back in January to talk about the environmental movement and to hear his ideas about design in a world without oil. We chatted a few days before he arrived […]

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