Alison Garwood Jones

Brotherly love

Originally published in July 2016 in Blog

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She loves me

Originally published in June 2015 in Blog

There’s a reason why guitar strummers always get the girl. Even base players have been taken aback over how easily the hugs and propositions flow after a show. We’ve been saying it since the 1970s: some guys are just more “sensitive.” Women notice men who can emote — or who, at least, convince us they […]

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Originally published in May 2015 in Blog

Photo from the Melissa Rivers Collection Joan Rivers was by turns vicious, smart, snarky and deeply caring. Back when when I watched more TV I occasionally landed on one of her fashion rants, but never stayed long. Most of the time, I don’t find that kind of aggression entertaining. But I felt her talent, so […]

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Out of the woods

Originally published in April 2015 in Blog

ildegard walked the forest in a squeaking body of armor. Her chest plate was bronze and had dings from all the arrows that had tried to pierce her heart, but never made it. Her waist was tiny and bound by a wide leather belt fringed with hard studs designed to keep hands off. Her long […]

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And still I rise

Originally published in May 2014 in Blog

Thank you, Dr. Angelou. For everything.

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Rabbit remembered

Originally published in March 2014 in Blog

The bodies are buried. The house is sold. And the dust has settled. But not for you. You keep turning the soil.   You’re digging for worms, not coins, And sinking further into the soil yourself. But you’re a writer, you said, Can’t you see this is material?   At your insistence, I took ownership of […]

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Originally published in December 2013 in Blog

After you lose your parents, You start to wonder if your family ever existed. That feeling of being part of a team alters, Then disintegrates over time. New alliances form. Continents and decades are crossed in a valiant search for that next Home. Siblings become more like old classmates, People you used to know because […]

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Alice Munro

Originally published in October 2013 in Blog

Alice Munro, 2013 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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Let humanity lead

Originally published in July 2013 in Blog

Richard Renaldi’s Touching Strangers project. Donate here.

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Originally published in May 2013 in Blog

In my mid-twenties, when I could have bottled my excess energy,  I was presented with a choice: Chicago or New York. I weighed both options and chose Chicago. That runs counter to the narrative we’re used to for young women with vague dreams of writing. To arrive at that decision, I didn’t make a long […]

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