Alison Garwood Jones

Remains of the day

Originally published in May 2013 in Blog

I got a lot of moving feedback the first time I wrote about my mother, Catherine, in The Long Goodbye, published three years ago on this blog. After she died last Christmas, I expanded on the story of our relationship and turned it into a magazine piece for Glow Magazine. It’s in the May issue, on newsstands […]

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La beauté

Originally published in February 2013 in Blog

Good design in women is a human obsession. A phenomenon distinct from the individual. Beauty alters rooms. It changes behaviour And creates a sense of urgency In everyone. For the woman, beauty affects how she plans her life, Both when she has it And when she doesn’t. Either way, society doesn’t let her forget it. […]

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Down came the snow

Originally published in January 2013 in Blog

When her emotions were reeling And her writing hand couldn’t keep up — Or even find an entry point on the page — She read obsessively. Indiscriminately. And, as Dylan Thomas liked to say, With her eyes hanging out.

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Goodbye, Mommy

Originally published in December 2012 in Blog

Catherine Lucy Garwood-Jones (1928-2012), Hamiltonian extraordinaire, died on Sunday, Dec. 9 after a ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s. Pre-deceased by her husband Trevor in 2011, Team “Cath and Trev” changed the face of the city they loved so much — he through architecture and she through her commitment to health care, education, music and family. Catherine’s […]

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Life support

Originally published in July 2012 in Blog

[I] coined this saying in my twenties, and believed it through that entire decade of my life. Back then, men my age reacted to me in two ways: sexual heat or professional competitiveness, but usually they offered the package deal. Keeping an eye firmly planted on me (and my rotating outfits), they monitored the pace […]

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Perspective is so fabulous

Originally published in December 2011 in Blog

Someone said to me the other day, “You look like Amy Fine Collins.” I’ve read Amy Fine Collins. She’s a longtime writer on art, fashion and design for Vanity Fair, one of my favourite magazines. I like her work. I thought she was blonde and sporty, though, but that’s Nancy Collins, a celebrity profiler and […]

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Hot off the press

Originally published in August 2011 in Blog

Below is the “blogified” version of an article of mine that just hit the newstands. If you want to read the original piece (pictured above), Go “clickety click” right here. But first, I’d like to add a preamble … if you don’t mind. The world is sick. I mean, why do we insist on pushing people’s […]

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Hot off the press

Originally published in July 2011 in Blog

If there’s one thing that revs my engine, it’s talking to talented people. I’ve said it before, but I chose to become a journalist so I could engage with the best and brightest on a weekly basis. Talented people are what put the spring in my step and ignite my imagination until my own ideas […]

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Last day

Originally published in June 2011 in Blog

Because I find writing about my dad more fun than crying. Happy Father’s Day, Papa Jones     Our Mt. Rushmore, TGJ (©AGJ) My dad was still hanging in the air inside his home a few hours after he died (it’s now been 12 weeks). I took note of his presence before the march of […]

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He’s outta here

Originally published in May 2011 in Blog

  The author takes full responsibility for her many spelling mistakes.  ©AGJ This is the only underwear shot you’ll ever see on this website. Sorry guys. Readers of this blog who know my family will immediately recognize the model. “It’s Trevor!” — my dad — they’ll squeal. Yup, like you’ve never seen him before. Dad […]

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