Alison Garwood Jones

Hot off the press

Originally published in March 2011 in Blog

Here’s a little escapism if you’re fed up with black ice and bone-chilling temps. It’s my latest House & Home feature (this one’s for you, Gert!): click here!

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Bold and beautiful

Originally published in December 2010 in Style at Home

Given carte blanche to decorate an empty urban penthouse for a sophisticated venture capitalist with a penchant for entertaining, designe Sasha Josipovicz – inventive, accomplished and theatrical – boldly rises to the occasion By Alison Garwood-Jones When a friend introduced Sasha Josipovicz, a design partner at Toronto’s Studio Pyramid, to his latest client, a venture capitalist […]

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Hot off the press

Originally published in September 2010 in Blog

I contributed some profiles to Fashion Television’s 25th anniversary magazine. If you’d like to read them, click here.

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Interior décor — guy style

Originally published in April 2010 in Blog

The change jar adds metallic accents to any bedroom dresser.

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How subcontinental

Originally published in September 2008 in The Globe and Mail

Bling in the sun has come to Toronto courtesy of India. But this shopping trip will not be taking you to Gerrard Street East for a tour through the mountains of handbags stamped with Hindu gods or past the rows of sparkly polyester chiffon saris. After all, princesses need shopping options, too. So it’s uptown […]

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High notes

Originally published in April 2008 in Fashion Magazine

[Winner for “Best Print” at the 2009 Canadian Fragrance Awards] Whether it’s harvesting millions of blossoms to fulfill a single scent or using gadgets worthy of a Bond film to distill the aroma of a bloom, fragrance additives have a long and storied existence. This season’s perfumers reveal the yarns behind the notes and more. […]

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Selling labels

Originally published in September 2007 in The Globe and Mail

The pull-tabs on the Red Bull were hissing and the volume on the house music was calibrated to organ-jostling decibels at the recent opening of COAL, Toronto’s newest destination for premium street fashion on the trendy Queen West strip. Lured by the electronic beat, passing cars, stroller pushers and Sk8er kids all rolled to a […]

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Blond ambition

Originally published in January 2006 in Elle Canada

Paris Hilton is building a beauty empire, and her fans can’t get enough Paris Whitney Hilton, she of the blond extensions, fluttering false eyelashes and size 11 Jimmy Choos, touched down in Toronto recently for the Canadian launch of her fragrances. While fans, journalists and a phalanx of security guards gathered in the patrician ballroom […]

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Red Alert

Originally published in October 2005 in Elle Canada

Say goodbye to the rosy sting of rosacea with the latest at-home treatments. There was a time when the blush on a woman’s cheek inspired sonnets and royal weddings. But a persistent ruddy complexion definitely goes against the feminine ideal. Rosacea is a progressive and cumulative skin disorder that starts off as a diffused redness, […]

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