Alison Garwood Jones

Saturday Art Class

Originally published in June 2022 in Blog

If planting a garden is an expression of hope, so is making art. Drawing our fav pets with Nadifa, Isorine and the young women of The Esplanade. Organized by @JamiiEsplanade.

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Mid-Century Modern Memories

Originally published in June 2022 in Blog

My latest commission is personal for two reasons: 1. It’s a digital watercolour drawing of a mid-century modern brick bungalow that my dad, Trevor, designed back in 1966. The home was demolished by a developer in 2017 and replaced with an out-of-the box McMansion. Thomas Allen (whose devotion to Hamilton’s heritage is beyond beyond) described […]

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How I travel

Originally published in February 2022 in Blog

I drew this Italian hillside town with a waterproof Uniball Vision Pen. I dabbed on colour with a small water brush, and a Cotman travel watercolour set. It’s my first time trying a Talens sketchbook (The Netherlands).

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new york, NEW YORK!

Originally published in December 2021 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

Peg couldn’t believe how dense the skyline was getting.    Illustration by Alison Garwood-Jones – Photo: Getty Images

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The pooch

Originally published in September 2021 in Blog, Comic, Toronto Illustrators

My ode to Jules Feiffer’s mix of energy and malaise. It’s the story of one child-free gal’s pooch.    

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Today’s Old Master Copy

Originally published in August 2021 in Blog

Look how the dog’s ear drapes over his leg like a neck tie!     Today’s old master copy is after P.D. Eastman’s classic 1960 storybook cover, Are you My Mother?   P.D. (Phil to his friends) was an American illustrator and screenwriter who trained with Walt Disney Productions and worked with the Signal Corps […]

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Fur Bébés

Originally published in June 2021 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

There’s someone for everyone.

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I don’t want to be good

Originally published in May 2021 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

I don’t want to be good (yawn), I want to do good (BOOM!) That means working with doers. One of my latest partnerships is with Lakeshore Arts, a not-for-profit arts organization just down the street from me in Etobicoke. From Monday to Friday, the LSA team is working hard producing an array of arts programming designed to […]

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Borscht Belt Humor

Originally published in August 2020 in Blog

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The Ink Spot: learn perspective

Originally published in May 2020 in Blog, Illustration, Pen Jar Productions, The Ink Spot, Toronto Illustrators

THE INK SPOT 🖊 In today’s 60-second art lesson, I’ll show you my very un-mathematical trick for capturing perspective. No rulers were involved! 🎨 If you would like to practice the steps I teach, swipe left and use my Neighbourhood Trampoline drawing as a tracing tool. Or, go crazy and colour the houses! Featured here: the marker magic […]

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