Alison Garwood Jones


May 29, 2015

Being asked to participate in this year’s TEDxWomen 2015 was a testament to the power of LinkedIn’s algorithm, having a blog, doing what you love and showing your stuff! As a result I got to collaborate with a bunch of really smart, generous women. I always hoped this is what freelancing could be. Thank you, Helena Skrinjar and Vanessa Reid!

Graphic Visualizer at TEDx The Annex Women, Toronto May 28, 2015

Graphic Visualizer at TEDx The Annex Women, Toronto,  May 28, 2015. Photo: Shaghaygh Tajvidi

TEDxWomen 2015 was a one-day event showcasing women’s voices and perspectives from around the world. While TEDxTheAnnexWomen highlights local voices in Toronto, it is part of an intercontinental network of inspiring storytelling with the goal being to share ideas and insights on creating, sustaining and recovering momentum. Collectively, we discovered new perspectives on where — and why — change is happening today by exploring the innovations, ideas and individuals building momentum around the world.

In Toronto, we heard six speakers on range of topics from sustainability to building a bike culture to the importance of choice for a woman in marriage. Kristyn Wong-Tam, Carolyn Harris, Naz Gocek, Sonia Molodecky, Vanessa Reid & Yvonne Bambrick were the speakers. My job was to capture the essence of their talks in drawn form.

You talk, I'll draw.

You talk, I’ll draw.


TEDx Board 2

Drawing at TEDx Toronto

Photo by the talented Shaghayegh Tajvidi:


Alison Garwood-Jones talks to Vanessa Reid.

Getting to know TEDx presenter, Vanessa Reid.




Planet freelance

October 6, 2015

I stick up for freelancers. They inspire me. They’re my tribe.

I don’t know if what I say disturbs the order. When there are still more men making $100 million a month on Wall Street flipping real estate than there are Occupy protests, I’d say … probably not.

Every day, we freelancers show up to write, draw, scratch our chins, review our sins, check our email and push through our lower/middle class existential crises. Hope is like oxygen to us, although to admit that would be a bit pathetic.

So last night I threw several bottles containing messages into the Twitter stream. I was the guest on Marketer Monday, a Tweet Chat held every Monday between 8-9pm. Moderator Karima-Catherine Goundiam interviews key industry leaders on topics ranging from business, marketing and social media and it attracts a large and active crowd from North America and the UK.

The topic I proposed was: Show What You Want To Be Known For: Why Monetizing Your Creativity is Easier in a Digital Age. Karima asked me to tszuj up the Marketer Monday mascot, so I put a brush and palette on the end of his wings:

Here’s a round up of tweets. In short, getting discovered is way easier when you’re online. But you have to be a steely negotiator.








And about idea theft: