Alison Garwood Jones

Social Media: Chapter One is Over

Originally published in January 2023 in Blog, Social Media Instructor, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, Webinars

I’ve often said that teaching digital communications is not like guiding a class through the 17 French verb conjugations. Those won’t change. Digital comms … not so much. Think: cinematic storm clouds and thunderclaps, and maybe an arena full of bucking broncos! So here I am again writing down ideas on tiny torn-up sheets of […]

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Student Success Stories

Originally published in January 2022 in Blog, Continuing Education, Social Media Instructor, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Just a few of the students who came to class with very sharp pencils. If you are on this page because you’re thinking of enrolling in my University of Toronto Digital Strategy course, I can see you! But seriously, Hi, I’m glad you stopped by. Whenever I take a course — I took Creating Comics […]

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Social Media Week Toronto #SMWTO

Originally published in November 2017 in Blog, Social Media Week

This post was first published on the Applied Arts Blog during Social Media Week Toronto 2017. Michelle Pinchev is the executive director of Social Media Week Toronto, an independently organized event that is part of a global network of Social Media Week conferences. Pinchev is also the founder of Pinch Social, a boutique social media […]

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Why did I start drawing again?

Originally published in April 2017 in Blog

It’s simple. I started drawing again because I needed a reason to look up that felt more powerful than the urge to look down at my phone. Drawing from life forces you to feel edges, to see light, and to experience life. It’s  been clear to me, for quite some time, that mobile newsfeeds have eroded […]

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Originally published in May 2015 in Blog, Doodling, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Graphic Visualizer, Illustration, Visual Notetaking, Visual Storytelling

TEDxWomen 2015 is a one-day event showcasing women’s voices and perspectives from around the world. While TEDxTheAnnexWomen highlights local voices in Toronto, it is part of an intercontinental network of inspiring storytelling. Here’s how I saw what I heard.

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Consciousness Raising

Originally published in December 2014 in Blog

Then and now This post is dedicated to #RememberThe14,#December6, #MontrealMassacre, #ABetterMan, @EngineersCanada Twitter eggshell image via @CompDealerNews

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Originally published in October 2014 in Blog

For most of my career, I’ve had this feeling of just starting out. To wit: grad school took me forever (don’t ask), and no sooner had I earned my degree in art history when I hit the road in search of something beyond the four walls of a museum. Journalism felt vital and risky, so I […]

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Warp speed

Originally published in September 2014 in Blog

My favourite moments in Star Trek, the original series, weren’t the fight scenes where scrums of Beatle-booted characters threw fake punches and ricocheted off walls with a little too much actorly enthusiasm. And it wasn’t when Spock grew a beard and waxed poetic about the universe. And it certainly wasn’t when Kirk fell in love. I […]

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Don’t act above social

Originally published in July 2014 in Blog

Social media is offensive to a lot of intelligent people. Or rather, it’s offensive to people who need you to know they’re intelligent. I think that’s part of the reason The New York Times wasn’t using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn like they could have or should have to distribute their content. Still, they’re aware of […]

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February workshop

Originally published in January 2014 in Blog, Uncategorized

TESTIMONIALS “An awesome workshop. The best use of my professional time in years.” ~ Jacqueline Kovacs, journalist and former editor in chief of Professionally Speaking magazine “Just finished a fantastic social media workshop with @AlisonGJ. Head is full! *Highly recommended.” ~ Tweet by Alanna Cavanagh, award-winning illustrator “Highly recommended. I’m already putting my newfound skills […]

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