Alison Garwood Jones

Summer School

Originally published in May 2024 in Blog

Is this you at work? • Our website traffic is tanking. Now what? • Does keyword research even matter now that Google is abandoning search? • How the heck do we create and measure ROI in this new landscape? If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. Join me in class at the University of […]

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Learner Profile: Megan Fleming

Originally published in January 2024 in Blog

A look at how continuing education and a plan helped one learner find her dream job.

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The Evolution of Digital Strategy

Originally published in January 2024 in Blog

Digital Strategy has evolved since 2014, calling for marketers to write a new playbook.

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My First Student With a Job in AI

Originally published in August 2023 in Blog, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

A few weeks after a posted this, the University of Toronto (SCS) published an interview with the talented student I profile in this blog.   Earlier this month, I got an email from a former student who said she was moving on from a career as a digital content specialist to take on an AI-centric […]

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Can AI Mark School Assignments?

Originally published in May 2023 in Blog

The short answer is yes. I tried. First, it’s tempting to outsource marking given that most sessional instructors don’t get paid to grade assignments. Depending on class sizes, you can be marking for an entire week free of charge. Will your students notice if they’re getting a gold star or a knitted brow from a […]

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Back to School

Originally published in August 2022 in Blog, Continuing Education

You asked, and we responded. Starting this fall, I’ll be teaching the NEW Micro Course versions of the University of Toronto SCS’s popular 12-week course Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media. • 2875A – Digital Communications Strategy: Defining Your Business Objective – this 5-week course starts Wednesday, September 7th at 6 pm ET. • […]

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Fall Courses

Originally published in August 2022 in Blog

BACK TO SCHOOL: I’ve expanded my teaching lineup this fall to include a 5-week Micro Course designed for students looking to develop specific skills much faster through compact learning opportunities. Head over to and type in these course numbers to learn more, or click the links below: 2875 – Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media (12 weeks) […]

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Student Success Stories

Originally published in January 2022 in Blog, Continuing Education, Social Media Instructor, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Just a few of the students who came to class with very sharp pencils. If you are on this page because you’re thinking of enrolling in my University of Toronto Digital Strategy course, I can see you! But seriously, Hi, I’m glad you stopped by. Whenever I take a course — I took Creating Comics […]

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Ever the student

Originally published in October 2021 in Blog

Ever the student, I decided to complete the Google Certificate in Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design with Coursera. I took notes. Lots of notes! Junior High Alison is alive and well — behold the highlighters and outlined headers. Junior High Alison also likes that she received 97.41%. I went through this course almost every […]

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