Alison Garwood Jones

RIP Homemakers

Originally published in October 2011 in Blog

One of my employers died last night. Homemakers Magazine was 45 years old, but her time had come. A combination of factors did her in: the economy, the rise of digital media, questions about her relevance in the face of competition (Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Good Housekeeping). D.B. Scott’s obit is worth the read. Despite her […]

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“Remember the ladies …”

Originally published in August 2011 in Blog

As we open another trading week, most of us are hoping calm heads will prevail. I thought this was a good time to reprint a post from last year that dissected the 2008 crash. If you think Harper and Obama have control over our national finances, think again. Leaders aren’t in control, the stock jockeys […]

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Free falling

Originally published in May 2010 in Blog

A year ago, if you’d asked me about blogs I would have told you I resented them. But that’s because I was following the lead of more experienced journalists I know. I got over that and decided it was time to crack open my heart and mind and stop placing a dollar sign on Every. […]

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Day traders: then and now

Originally published in March 2010 in Blog

THEN (ca.1986-2008) NOW Four blog posts down, on March 19th,  I looked at the male-dominated culture of day trading. After the hard lessons of September 2008 (September sure has proven to be a calamitous month, hasn’t it?), I wondered how and if we can change the recklessness of this species of capitalists? “Do you put […]

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